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Dirty Little Secret. Niley Story. 15+ 

We all dream day and night for the most popular guy to talk to us. We’re grateful if he’s even in a foot radius of us. If you went to Seaview High, your head would be up in the clouds daydreaming of Nick Jonas. His naturally curly hair would lightly bounce as he strolled down the hallway with his pack of followers. His careless attitude is what caught every girl’s attention. And, oh, that smile of could make your heart feel like jello. He was a gift from above. However, unless you were well known in the school, your chances with Nick Jonas were..well, you had better chances of being a lottery winner. Ugh, I promise I’ll try my hardest to get him to notice me tomorrow. I’ll have him thinking of me as much as I think of him. Miley talked to herself a lot. “Miley! Why in the world are you still up?! It’s almost midnight, and you have school in the morning,” Miley’s mom, Tish, shouted from outside Miley’s bedroom door. “Sorry mom,” Miley quickly apologized. The lights went out and Miley could hardly wait until school the next morning.

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